We have great news, Decentralfi has been awarded the remaining 50% of our original grant from 2020. For grant details please visit our original post. We now have about 8 months runway at current Rune price for our 9 person team.

We have come a long way since we started…

Hardening via Trial of fire.

So much going on hard to pick a place to start.

First #BRINGBACKMCCN!!! We are so close we can taste the cross-chain swaps being enabled again.

Congrats to the team and community for pulling through with all the necessary bug changes and PRs. Really amazing job.

For our dev Update:

THORFrog! we think that having THOR something on our title will improve readership! ;)

We Like to keep you posted with all our updates and latest info. Don´t miss our latest post #BRINGBACKMCCN, THORChain, our thoughts on the events that transpired the last couple of months.

We have been hard at work, as always, rethinking our strategy and launching a QA environment, along with…

These last couple of months have been difficult with massive price swings and back to back exploits, also not having your favorite DEX (THORChain) around has made it even harder to swiftly move through the Money Chains in these volatile times.

We have been very quiet lately, not because we left, but because we have been busy building and growing. We also encountered some bugs, so we preferred to wait to fix them before showing our new features. Here we go.

We have been working a bit on the last update by no means is it complete but we have made some strides to getting fully with Multichain.


Since MCCN came out we have seen many decentralized swaps and liquidity pools taking form and becoming deeper with every #RAISETHECAPS event as the system goes through bugs and updates, it becomes more stable and robust, slowly becoming much needed infrastructure for the times to come. On top of that…

Brand new Homepage Darkmode. Decentralfi.io

New Homepage

  • Re-did our homepage(decentralfi.io) now showing Pools by depth and activity(active and staged), in a coinmarketcap style. Bringing some utility to users and visibility of the network.
  • Also created an individual page for specific pools to see more details, just click on any of the pools(/BTC.BTC) in the homepage…

The new more relevant metric will be Pool Capitalization(depth), Market Cap, has been useful, but then again you didn't really have a system that would suck up all of the assets liquidities across all markets, enter THORChain.

MCCN Thorchain Volumes and swaps. ATTN: Swap/add/manage will be activated soon.

Our new homepage gives you a detailed look into Thorchain’s pool metrics, we…

We remember how exciting it was to get a few of the NFTs from the Runevault “airdrop”, I didn´t own any at the time so it was also something new for us. We think that they will become valuable down the line, we can imagine some Rune rich operator trying…


Use THORChain´s cross-chain liquidity pools with no pegged or wrapped tokens, keep each asset in its native chain, to stake your assets in a non-custodial way.

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