ThorChain Collectibles.

We remember how exciting it was to get a few of the NFTs from the Runevault “airdrop”, I didn´t own any at the time so it was also something new for us. We think that they will become valuable down the line, we can imagine some Rune rich operator trying to have a full set also LPs etc. For those of you who don´t know what we are talking about check this out. You can also view what is available at OpenSea.

Thorchain Collectibles NFTs

We decided to share some of that excitement of the NFT airdrop with our users. Thats why we will be giving away the 3 NFTs above in the coming weeks.

Its all fun and games until you lose money on a beta product.

That is why we give you gifts and at the same time we want you to learn how to stay safe out there, Know your Stuff(KYS).

We did some beta testing of both and Asgardex desktop wallet to upgarde BNB.RUNE to THOR.RUNE and from there we swapped RUNE <to> ETH. With that ETH we funded another ETH account compatible with It is always good to test with small amounts at first as bugs and unknown unknowns become known.

The First Ether swap went smooth, The second one did not, after a bit refreshed, tried again and it went through. Had some issues with the 4th txn they are still being addressed. But I´m sure the team will figure it out. Despite the issues I still am very excited with the potential of Asgardex.

After that tried to send ETH from Thorswap, that wasn't working at the moment, created an issue in github, and I believe the issue has since been fixed with amazing response time. (Have you experienced issues? make sure to post it on github)

I was able to send the txn from Asgardex desktop wallet to my other ETH wallet. As soon as I did this I was able to purchase some of the NFTs that we thought could be interesting, had some issues buying the third one, but that was mostly Eth gas related (could have bought another NFT with all the gas paid, in any case the goal was met). A brief description of the process in case you are wondering.

txn with issues.

If this turns out to be funwe will probably do it again. In the meantime stay tuned for the rules to participate.

Beware scammers we will never ask for your private key(s) or seed words. Exercise caution. We don’t offer a token, nor we plan to do this.

Please reach out to us via our channels, we would like to hear what you think.




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Use THORChain´s cross-chain liquidity pools with no pegged or wrapped tokens, keep each asset in its native chain, to stake your assets in a non-custodial way.