Thorchain Multichain, how to start?

Are you new to THORChain? Maybe, maybe not. Still lets go over the basics. You already hold Rune? Remember you have to upgrade your BNB.Rune or your ETH.Rune to Thor.Rune now that MC is live. You dont have to right away, I don't think there is a timeline for this to happen, so no pressure, but you will have to upgrade if you want to provide liquidity on MCCN.

You can create your wallet on Thorswap and or on the desktop Asgardex app. We will explain the desktop route.

  1. Go to the Asgardex wallet directory on github

2. Select the correct version. Most likely you want the .exe for windows or the .dmg for mac. Once you do that, file starts downloading.

3. Find the file and start the install Process. Should be fairly quick install.

4. Launch the app.

5. Behold, the first true DEX.
5a. Behold some more.

6. Now start using this beauty. Its very much in beta so start slow, and add as stability and bugs are sorted, Go to the wallet Tab.

7. Lets start with “Create”. Make sure to backup your seed phrase offline, also add a good password, and also back that up, preferably keep separate from seed phrase and probably good idea to have it in multiple locations.

In this case “fence” is the number 1 word and miracle the # 12 word. Also make sure the password is matching.

Guard this passphrase and password, lose will result you not being able to access any of your funds. Never share with anyone, Decentralfi will NEVER ask you for your passphrase.
END WARNING!!!!!######

8. You’ll have to enter the phrase in the correct order to continue.

Seed phrase confirmation. Thorchain.

9. Et voila, now you have a wallet for every supported chain on Thorchain. make sure you know where to send what, in order not loose any coins.

10. The most likely scenario is you are sending Rune from BNB Chain, via binance, ftx, chaosnet or In that case make sure you send to “bnb1zlzq48pcea8mxuqvrsvd3ptkeryez8swn3jvxx” (please dont send rune here) since you have full control of the wallet you don't need to type a memo only the BNB Address.
HINT: Make sure you also send some BNB in order to make the upgrade transaction otherwise you wont be able to upgrade, the same will happen with ETH, small fee will apply.

BNB.Rune Transaction
BNB.BNB Transaction

11. Go ahead and click on “Upgrade”

Wallet with BNB and BNB.RUNE

12. Once you click on “Upgrade”, continue and choose the amount you want to upgrade, Since we are still in Chaosnet start small. That being said every upgrade will cost you a native blockchain transaction fee in this case BNB, if you do many upgrades the fees can start to rack up.

13. Enter password and Confirm. Enjoy the Easter egg, whoever is quickest. Also make sure to share it on Twitter.

Hint starts with 1****6

14. Ahhh success.

Ladies, Gents and Anons we show you native Rune

Until Next Time and enjoy your 1 rune - txn fee, I’d be quick to move it.

Beware scammers we will never ask for your private key(s) or seed words. Exercise caution. We don’t offer a token, nor we plan to do this.

Please reach out to us via our channels, we would like to hear what you think.


Use THORChain´s cross-chain liquidity pools with no pegged or wrapped tokens, keep each asset in its native chain, to stake your assets in a non-custodial way.